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What is Twitch: the most watched live streaming platform | Hosting Camaleon
December 6, 2022

what is tickThis platform, which some of us hear frequently, is quite alien to us, it is a place where you can have a good time when you get used to it. For example, I try to follow publishers that I like whenever I find time, I say I try to follow them now because it is the most watched live streaming platform. Everything happens instantly, just like on TV. One of the biggest differences that sets it apart from TV here is that there is a chat screen and you can instantly communicate with the broadcaster.

What is Twitch?

we will come what is tick to the answer to the question. When we ask what is Twitch? As I briefly explained in the paragraph above, it’s a platform where you can follow broadcasters live, communicate with them instantly, and generally stream games. TwitchOf course, there is not only one game in !

One of the most popular categories on Twitch, “real life” (In real lifeThere is also a category called . Good nerd in real life?

Twitch IRL (in real life) Nedir ?

Twitch IRL (in real life)

In this category, they allow people to live, travel, eat and share their experiences with them in their daily lives, and make you feel like you are with them on their broadcast.

Once upon a time”real life” category and currently “just chattingThere is a category called ‘.

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Twitch “Just chatting” Nedir ?

In this category, broadcasters can also post contests, discussions on various topics, and watch videos together with you and others on the chat screen. Twitch exists in the world. But now “real lifein the category Twitch You may not find a post on behalf of Turkey.

So who does it attract?

Now some of you might say: Twitch Gaming platform, yes. In general it is, but there are still some taboos in our thoughts that cannot be broken. For example, the word game can occur in our minds as a means of entertainment only for children. But this is not really the case. Twitch Of course, the average age of the audience is not very high, but when we look at the audience and some announcers, it seems that it is not just a type of entertainment that appeals to young children.

In the meantime, I can’t help but mention this. Fun the word varies from person to person; Sometimes we use this platform to relieve the stress and boredom of daily life, sometimes to laugh, sometimes to watch games that our computer won’t open, sometimes to watch a newly released game live, and sometimes to see the best of a game.

As I’ve said before fun The word may differ from person to person. Some go to the movies for fun, some watch TV, some play sports. In saying this, of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do these things, but I’m just asking you not to be prejudiced towards the people who spend time on this platform. what is tick The answer is for some Twitch it’s entertainment

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You can donate to publishers!

You can also donate to support these publishers and sign up to support the publisher on a monthly basis. subscription fee Twitch serial platform. $5 per month it is. subscriptions Level right level operated through a system called It is used here to increase the amount of monthly support provided for the publisher.

The subscription fee we mentioned above Tier 1 applicable to the system.

  • Level 2 donation fee for $10 it is.
  • Level 3 donation fee for $25 it is.

Apart from that, there is also the bit system on Twitch. This is a separate donation system.

What is the Twitch Prime subscription system?

Twitch Prime Subscription System

Also on Twitch Amazon-Prime It also has a subscription system. Here main contraction gives us the opportunity to subscribe monthly to a publisher you love. main contraction It not only allows you to subscribe for free. Also, in games that you like and play, this is usually the game of choice for that month, for example. Fortnite, Pubg, Apex Legends vs. It offers you special in-game items in games like

main contraction monthly fee for the first 7 days free monthly for the next 6 months. $2.99 and monthly in the following months. $5.99 offers a fee. In this way, you can subscribe to your favorite publisher and have special articles within the games.

If you’ve ever wondered what the world of Twitch is like, you can access the home page here.

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