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How to play UNO? What is the UNO game? | Hosting Camaleon
December 6, 2022

A It is one of the new generation card games. In this game, which can be played with a minimum of two and a maximum of 10 people, the objective is to finish the cards in your hand before anyone else. It’s a game made in the USA. It is one of the most played games recently. That’s why people who don’t play UNO How to play UNO They began to search for answers to the question. In this article How to play UNO go UN rules of the game We’ll talk about what they are. Before mentioning them, it would be appropriate to mention some basic features of the game.

Key features of the UNO game

  • First of all, there are cards of 4 different colors in the UNO game. These colors are yellow, blue, green and red. There are 108 cards in total in this game.
  • Each color has numbers from 0 to 9. In addition to these colored cards, there are also 8 individual cards that do not have a color.
  • The card called Check means that two cards are drawn from a deck.
  • Another letter is the change of address letter. This card indicates that the direction of the game must be changed.
  • The transfer card makes the player who will play after the card wait 1 line.
  • When the wild card is discarded, the desired color is said so that the color of the face-down card is changed.
  • Before the game begins, all the cards are shuffled and 7 cards are dealt to everyone. After the cards are dealt, they are discarded and everyone chooses a card from this deck to determine who starts the game. The person who gets the most of these cards starts the game.

The general system of the game is like this. In addition to these cards, we must say the cards that do not have any numbers. In this way, there are 5 cards. These cards are:

  • Revors: There are four different colors and two pieces each.
  • Draw 2 cards: two in four different colors.
  • Pass: Four different colors and two pieces each.
  • Joker: There are 4 pieces.
  • Draw 4 cards and joker: there are 4 cards.
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After giving all these features How to play UNO Let’s see the answer to the question.

How to play UNO?

How to play UNO

A play it happens step by step. Let’s examine these stages one by one.

  1. Shuffle the cards: First of all, the number of people should be in the range of 2 to 10 people. There may be a “Blank Card” among the cards removed from the box before the game begins. If there are, you must remove them. Then identify the player who will shuffle and deal the cards. For this, you can try the lottery. Or a volunteer can do it too. Once you have identified this person, shuffle the cards.
  2. Deal cards: Each player must receive 7 cards. There are two ways to do it. First, you can deal 7 cards total by dealing everyone one at a time. As a second way, you can deal cards seven at a time.
  3. Drop the other cards on the table: Put the remaining 7 cards face down on the table as a deck. Then open the top card. It is the starting card of the game and now you can start playing. The first player can start the game according to this card.

But there are some rules you should know for the first card:


  • If the card “Draw 2 Cards” is drawn: 2 people to the left of the dealer draw cards and start the game.
  • If the “Change of Direction” card appears: The game starts from right to left, instead of from left to right.
  • If the “Jump” card appears: Dodge the player to the left and the next player to start the game.
  • If the “Joker” card appears: The first player to the left can determine the color.
  • If the “Draw 4 Cards” card appears: Shuffle this card into the deck and face a new card from the top.
  1. The player on the left starts the game. The game follows a clockwise course. If you haven’t found the diversion card yet, play from left to right. Let the player on the left start the game by looking at the 7 cards in his hand.
  2. Same color and same number: When the players see the same color or the same number of the card on the ground, they throw a piece of paper on it. Thus, the game goes to the next row. Remember that your objective is to destroy the card you have in your hand. Let’s say there is a red card 5 on the ground. You can play all the red cards you have in your hand or all the cards with the number 5.
  3. If you cannot throw a card on the ground, you must draw a card. If you don’t have the same color or the same number of cards, you have to draw a card. You may have special cards in your hand. The use of these cards is at your discretion. You can decide which card to throw based on your tactics and strategy. If the card you have drawn from the ground matches the card on top, you can play, if not, the turn passes to the other player.
  4. How to use the change of address card: To use this card, you must have a change of address card of the same color as the card on the floor. Let’s say there is a blue 3 on the ground. If you have a blue diversion card in your hand, you can use it to change the direction of the game.
  5. Use of two check cards: You have one or two check cards of the same color as the card on the floor so you can use this card. If you use this card, the next player has to draw two cards. The most important feature of this card is that if two check cards are used, if the other person also has two check cards, the next person has to draw 4 cards. That is, it increases exponentially. The folding of the card is transferred to the other player.
  6. Wildcard: You can use it at any time. You can set the color with your joker card. Or you can use it to lower your card score.
  7. Four Verification Cards – This card allows you to identify a new color. You can stay the same if you want. The next player has to draw 4 cards and loses his right to play.
  8. If you have the last card A! You can say the word. If you only have one card left and A If you don’t say the word, you will be penalized for drawing a card from the deck.
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card points

  • Skip card: 20
  • Draw two cards: 20
  • Change of address: 20
  • Wildcard: 50
  • Draw four cards and change the color cards: 50
  • Number cards: Points equal to the number on the card.
  • Blank Card: A card with no points.

Winner: UNO game Accumulate points to determine your winner. The player who reaches 500 points wins.

How to play UNO

UNO game rules

UN rules of the game It is simple in general.

  • Either player shuffles the deck of cards. Deal 7 cards to everyone and place the remaining cards on the table in a deck. He then reveals the top card of the deck and the game begins.
  • The first player to start the game is the player on the left. It may differ depending on the papers.
  • To be knocked down, the cards on the ground must be of the same suit or the same number of cards.
  • If a card cannot be dropped, a card is drawn from the deck.
  • The first to finish the cards in their hand wins and the winner is determined by calculating the points for each round.

In this article How to play UNO we talk about. If there are games you want to play how to play, you can specify it in the comments. Nice games.


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