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Battlefield Firestorm – Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode | Hosting Camaleon
December 6, 2022

real battle emerged as a game mode that influenced all companies. These days, when the Battle Royale stream is moving fast, Battlefield Firestorm A new game has been added. Known battlefield v There is also a mod included in the game. Battlefield Firestorm It occurred.

Battlefield Firestorm

It’s an EA game. battlefield v The game was introduced to users in November 2018. Overall battlefield iv Friends who play the game know that Battlefield In games, graphics are often in the foreground. Battlefield Firestorm game too battlefield v The graphics quality is quite good since there is a mod in the game. When you enter the game, you find yourself in an atmosphere that dazzles you more than the gameplay.

Battlefield V game image

You can play this mode as Solo or Squad with up to four of your friends. The game is able to visually satisfy most users even at the lowest settings. Of course, if you want to force your computer or play on higher graphics settings, this game can offer you really good graphics quality. You can put quite a lot of pressure on your computer in this game, which also supports the RTX technology that comes with the new Nvidia graphics cards. But of course, in a Battle Royal mode, if you want to play seriously, your priority is higher frame rates than graphics.

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Battlefield Firestorm Features and Gameplay

Classic real battle As you know from the world, a certain number of players jump onto an island with planes or parachutes to collect items in various parts of the map. The classic where the last player wins the game after fighting each other. real battle We see his style again in this game.

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loot system;

In this game, we can say that the system that we call loot, that we take things from the ground, has been a bit difficult for now. because it flows fast Camp battle In a world where even seconds matter, the loot of a man you kill is scattered on the ground. Therefore, elements can overlap each other and create confusion. So your loot time can be quite long compared to such a game.


In addition, the withdrawal times of some garments, such as vests, are a bit long. Care must be taken when collecting these items. It can take a long time to open item boxes in some parts of the map. As I just mentioned, you have to be careful here too.

Battlefield Firestorm Map

There are certain weapons in the game, and these weapons do not have attachments like in other games. The damage of these weapons varies depending on their level and they come with various scopes. The elements that come with the color that we can call three levels of elements are the color green, purple (or we can say pink) or blue.

Item levels;

  • green color element Level 1,
  • blue color element Level 2,
  • Item purple (or pink) Level 3 medium.

These weapons can drop from the system we call drops, and certain points A, B, C appear on the map. If you defend these points for a certain amount of time, you drop.


In the game;

One of the most striking features of the game is that trees and buildings can be demolished. In other words, while you are inside the building, the building can be destroyed by a tank bullet and you can die.

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As the game progresses, the Firestorm, which determines the game’s play limit, narrows like a ring of fire, and the outside of the circle cannot be seen from the inside, and the inside from the outside.

And lastly, there is the use of vehicles in the game, which is one of the most important features for the players. In the game, you can drive tanks, helicopters, cars. Using these tools can make you stronger in the game.

You can go to the site here to buy the game.

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